The Tear Collector

Reader: Maddie S
Age: 15
Title: The Tear Collector
Author: Patrick Jones
Publisher: Walker & Company
Pub Date: 2009
Galley: Yes
Recommend: No
Compelling Aspect of the Book: The most compelling aspect of this story is the fact that this is a girl, in high school trying to survive in her own way.
Did you finish: Yes
Were you disappointed with the book in any way: I was disappointed because of the lack of strength in the characters. I thought that the story really started too fast, it got too into it too fast.
Did the cover tempt you and/or reflect the contents: The cover was not very tempting for me, there was not much appeal. I wish there was more spice to it.
Age Range: 14-15
Quality: 2Q Needs more work
Popularity: 3P Some teen appeal
Comments: This story was hard to follow. It seemed like a really dull story. It was hard to follow the actual plot because I wasn't aware of what the character's goal was, I didn't like this book that much. It was very hard for me to get through it.

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