The ABC's of Kissing Boys

Reader: Sabrina K
Age: 15
Title: The ABC's of Kissing Boys
Author: Tina Ferrara
Publisher: Random house
Pub Date: Jan 13, 2009
Galley: Yes
Recommend: Yes
Convince us to read book: It shows the true hardships and struggles of relationships in high school and how it works. Yes it may have been a bit over-exaggerated, but it really showed the pressure of high school socially.
Was there a compelling aspect of the book: How someone's life can depend on being in varsity soccer or not and be ruined. Really? I mean yeah it is high school but come on?!? That got me a bit of how much Parker caredabout being on varsity soccer or not. She was going to be captain the next year anyways, what was the big deal? I don't know, Parker just got to me sometimes about the whole situation. She made a big deal about nothing.
Did the cover tempt you and did it reflect the contents of the book: The cover does not tempt me to pick up the book, it looks like one of those books about a teen girl that just rants on and on. The cover does reflect the contents but it makes it look more like a self-help book on kissing then an actual novel.
Age Range: 12-13, 14-15
Quality: 3Q Readable
Popularity: 3P Some teen appeal

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