Chasing Lincoln's Killer

Reader: David L
Age: 16
Title: Chasing Lincoln's Killer
Author: James Swanson
Publisher: Scholastic
Pub Date: 02/??/09
Galley: Yes
Nominate for Teens’ Top 10: No
Recommend: Yes
Convince to read book: This is a compelling and complicated look at a huge event in our nation's history translated into simple terms that anyone could read.
Compelling Aspect of the Book: Its fast paced excitement and the subject matter.
Did you finish: Yes
Were you disappointed with the book at all: I was a little disappointed with the low level of vocabulary. It seems to be oriented towards younger readers.
Did the cover reflect the contents: Yes. The contents were clear, but the flashy cover was still highly attractive even to people who dislike history.
Age Range: Under 12, 12-13, 14-15
Quality: 4Q Better than most
Popularity: 3P Some teen appeal

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Anonymous said...

You know, I'm thinking I want to nominate it now... It really was good.