Dragon Spear

Reader: Megan W
Age: 16
Title: Dragon Spear
Author: Jessica Day George
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pub Date: 05/12/09
Galley: Yes
Nominate for Teens’ Top 10: No
Recommend: Yes
Convince us to read the book: I read Dragon Slippers and Dragon Flight about a year or more ago, so I didn't remember too much about them, but the author writes in such a way that it wasn't very hard to
get right back into the flow of the book. It was a book that was very sweet, and it all flowed together really nicely. I'm usually worried about sequels to good books, but this one stayed true to the first two
and was a very pleasurable read.
Compelling Aspect of the Book: In this book, Creel and Luka can finally be together and Shardas and his queen Velika are experiencing peace on their island. But, as anyone can tell, something goes wrong and disrupts the peace. I love how the author brought back the friends from the previous books and introduced new characters that was just as fun and charming as the originals. I loved the plot; it was
captivating and kept me reading. It was a light read, and left me with a really happy feeling.
Did you finish: Yes
Were you disappointed with the book: I actually managed to finish this book in one sitting. I was on a long bus ride home, and I read the entire thing at once. I didn't want to put it down. I wanted to know what happened to the characters, and I had to know how it ended. And throughout the series, the characters really developed and grew on me. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a good, run read; though I would suggest reading the first two first.
Did the cover tempt you and/or reflect the contents: The cover, like the other two books in the series, caught my eye. The illustration is absolutely beautiful with all the bright colors. On the cover is a girl and dragon looking at a clutch of golden dragon eggs. The picture depicts what happens in the book very nicely.
Age Range: 14-15
Quality: 4Q Better than most
Popularity: 4P Broad general teen appeal

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