March Update


Since our relationship with SLJTeen is ending, we'll be putting some reviews on this blog. I'll put 3 here for now, and in a couple weeks we'll do a couple more. let us know what you think! Also be sure to give us some names for the craptacular list. If you agree or disagree with either list, just leave comments and you can argue online anytime, instead of just once a month in class!

Early Meeting

Hello all,

As you probably all know we are meeting at 6PM on 3/10 due to the University's Spring Break schedule. Please make sure to come early!

Also, Adela will be out as you know, but there will be plenty of others there, so be prepared to discuss books like crazy!

Also Brett is updating the blog little by little. We're putting all of the Top 10 nominees under Spectacular reads. Please be sure to share some titles for the craptacular list.

To suggest Craptacular reads you can:

* Email Adela/Brett
* Make a comment on this blog
* or request it during our monthly meetings.

That's all for now!