Patrick Jones

Young Adult librarian and author Patrick Jones visited our TKB meeting this month to talk about his latest book coming out in September called The Tear Collector, for which he is already starting a sequel!

Many of you have already read The Tear Collector, but if you haven't, check it out: Cassandra is always the shoulder anyone can cry on, and the self-sacrificing, dutiful daughter, until she meets a guy that makes her feel what she thinks could be love. Now she has to choose between the Family or a chance to be human. The Family is a new breed of vampire-like creature that lives off human suffering--Patrick said that he wanted to get some "Stephanie Meyer money," lol!

"This book is a new twist to vampires. It's a new type of vampires, the kind that don't harm people." "The book tells of a vampire that lives off of the energy of tears," --Charlie S

"The most compelling aspect of this story is the fact that this is a girl, in high school trying to survive in her own way." --Maddie S

THANK YOU Patrick! We had a great time talking to you and listening to you talk about your books!

Don't forget to email Patrick if you want to read a manuscript of his latest projects!

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