This World We Live In

Reader: Sabrina K
Age: 16
Title: This World We Live In
Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
Publisher: Harcourt
Pub Date: April 2010
Galley: Yes
Nominate for Teens’ Top 10: Yes
Recommend: Yes
Annotation: A year ago a meteor collided with the moon and caused ultimate destruction. Now planet Earth is without a sun causing tidal waves, earthquakes, twisters, volcanic eruptions, and causing famine throughout the world. Now, Miranda, a teenager in a small suburb in Pennsylvania, records these events in her diary, giving a glimpse of her journey of losing loved ones and the world around her.
Convince to read book: If you're into the whole "doom’s day" related subject, this book is for you. Unlike other doom’s day related topics this books gives a logical reason for what's going on with planet Earth and why people are dying. It's not your typical "doom’s day" related book with people going ballistic right and left being all depressed. In a sense, the book is very raw in an emotional way and captures each characters emotions perfectly.
Compelling Aspect of the Book: This book showed the true beauty of life and death and how important it is to cherish the people around you for the time you have. This book really captured it, and no matter what is happening to never give up—even when death is near, there is always something bright to look forward to, even if it is just a can of soup.
Did the cover tempt you and/or reflect the contents of the book: The cover did tempt me to pick up the book—it was very intriguing and related to the contents of the book spot on. They had the moon overshadowing half of the book or so and then the house—Miranda’s little house in the middle of nowhere.
Age Range: 12-18 up
Quality: 5Q Hard to imagine a better book
Popularity: 5P Everyone wants to read it

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