By The Time You Read This I'll Be Dead

Reader: Briana G
Age: 16
Title: By The Time You Read This I'll Be Dead
Author: Julie Anne Peters
Publisher: Hyperion
Pub Date: 1/00/10
Galley: Yes
Recommend: Yes
Compelling Aspect of the Book: Just the whole story of why she's planning on committing suicide, and what's going on in her life. It was both sad and sweet, but not overly, grossly romantic, like many
teenage books are these days.
Did you finish: Yes
Did the cover tempt you and/or reflect the contents of the book: I thought the cover was intriguing. I liked how the emphasis was on the flower petals, because they were the only colored thing in the picture. I liked how the font was cut out to match the color of the wall behind it. The one thing that bothered me though was the girl. Until I read the book I didn't even realize she was in a bathtub, and I kept wondering why she was curled up like that and why she was naked.
Age Range: 14-17
Quality: 4Q Better than most
Popularity: 3P Some teen appeal

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