Finding Audrey - YA Review by Sophie L

Reader: Sophie L.
Age: 14
Title: Finding Audrey
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Pub Date: 06/09/15
Galley: No
Top 25: No
Convince us to read the book: I'll be honest, the only reason I took this book was because the author's name is Sophie (my name) and the main character's name is Audrey (my twin sister's name). The summary was not at all what the book turned out to be. I thought it would be about a romance that somehow heals Audrey, but I felt that so little time was spent on the romance that it seemed like a side plot. Also, the side plot involving Audrey's brother and his computer took over the story. I got bored of hearing about it. The topic of the book is one I've seen much more recently, and seems to be the new thing to write about. I think that it is an important subject to discuss and the book did a good job with that. It never said what exactly "happened". I would have liked to know but as it may have been intentional, I can accept that I don't know.
Memorable or Forgettable: The topic of the book and what can be learned from it was memorable, much less the plot.
Cover: The cover was wonderfully soft which is great to have in a book cover. Great colors, very noticeable. Having the author's name bigger than the title doesn't always work, but this cover does pull it off nicely.
Age Range: 12 through 15
Quality: 3Q - Readable
Popularity: 3P - Some teen appeal

tags:  romance / comedy / drama / mental health / ya lit

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