Prada and Prejudice

Annotation: Callie isn't popular. Mindy is. SO for them to be assigned as roommates on their trip to London is unbelievable. Which is why Mindy is ignoring it. She's been going of with her popular friends, leaving Callie all alone. Alone that is, until she discovers their plan to sneak out to a club. Will Callie wow them with her new Pradas, or will something go horribly wrong, as everything in Callie's life so far has?
Reader: Payton GAge: 13Title: Prada and PrejudiceAuthor: Mandy HubbardPublisher: RazorbillPub Date: 6/11/2009Galley: YesNominate for Teens’Top10: NoDid the cover reflect the contents: The cover didn't really do anything to convince me to pick up the book. It did, however, accurately reflect the contents. I really didn't like the sentence on there though. It gives away to much.Recommend: NoCompelling Aspect of the Book: To me, the most compelling aspect of the book was the time travel. It wasn't your normal, everyday, huge box covered in Christmas lights time travel. I would have liked it better if the time travel was explained, though. In this it just shows that she has time traveled.Did you finish: YesWere you disappointed with the book: I thought the book would be funnier, but instead it was really sort of predictable. You could tell pretty much what was going to happen, pages before it actually did.Age Range: 14-15, 16-17Quality: 3Q ReadablePopularity: 2P Only for special interest

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