Congratulations Elizabeth and Sara!

We are very proud of our very own Elizabeth S. and Sara M. who received acknowledgments from Patrick Jones in his new book, The Tear Collector, to be published in September 2009 by Walker & Company. The acknowledgment reads:

"A special thank you to Elizabeth Straub and Sarah Misgen from the YA Galley group in St. Paul MN, who showed off their reviewing skills with detailed comments on the manuscript."

How cool is that!? That should tell you how important your reviews are to the authors and publishers, so keep it up you guys! Your input matters! Way to go Elizabeth and Sara!

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The Tear Collector said...

I have another ms ready for review, however, it is a realistic YA novel meant for older teens, so if anyone fits that description and is interested in working on a book as it is being written, have them contact me