Zombie Queen of Newbury High

Annotation: It's almost prom! For Mia this means that she gets to dance with her boyfriend Rob, the school's best quarterback. At least that's what she thinks, until head cheerleader Samantha decides that Rob is hers. In an attempt to prevent this, Candice, Mia's hypochondriac best friend, gets Mia to buy a love spell from a creepy old hag. But it all goes wrong when Mia discovers that it was actually a zombie virus, and in a matter of days, everyone will try to eat her! But can she and Chase, the zombie-hunting new kid, stop it before she becomes a zombie snack?
Reader: Payton G Age: 13 Title: Zombie Queen of Newbury High Author: Amanda Ashby Publisher: Speak Pub Date: 3/5/2009 Galley: Yes Nominate for Teens’Top10: No Did the cover reflect the contents: The cover did sort of draw my attention, but the word zombie in the title was what really attracted me. It did accurately reflect the contents of the book, but I would have rather seen a zombie in a prom dress. Recommend: No Compelling Aspect of the Book: Zombies. It was definitely the zombies that I liked best. But they seemed way too unaware of their zombie-ness to seem like zombies to me. Did you finish: Yes Were you disappointed with the book: I was really expecting more of a rampage through the city in which they devoured everyone's brains, but apparently, that's just a myth. Instead, the zombies want to eat the main character, who is their queen. I didn't really get that. Why eat the queen? Age Range: 12-13, 14-15 Quality: 3Q Readable Popularity: 3P Some teen appeal Comments: I think that "Zombie Prom" would have been a better title. It's shorter, easier to say, and still gives a pretty good idea about the contents of the book.

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