Reader: Emily
Age: 17
Title: Blood
Author: K. J. Wignall
Publisher: Egmont
Pub Date: 09/27/2011
Galley: Yes
Nominate for Teens’ Top 10: No
Recommend: Yes
Compelling Aspect of the Book: Will, the vampire of the story, is not a mindless creature, but a person with history and feeling, I enjoyed how it was written from his point of view and he seemed sensible and dislikes the word "vampire".
Were you disappointed with the book at all: Yes
Reason why you were disappointed:
Cover: Please, not another vampire book. Why is the book called blood? That is a stereotypical title for a vampire book, and is not the central focus of the book. Yes, Will needs blood when he wakes up, but he's not a raging demon running around sucking people dry! This is a decent book, but less blood on the cover, please.
Age Range: 14-17
Quality: 4Q Better than most
Popularity: 4P Broad general teen appeal
Comments: Although there have been quite a lot of vampire books, I think Blood, as terrible as the title is, is a promising book. The story is worth reading because the main focus is not on vampires, but Will, who happens to be a vampire, discovering his origins and retaining his humanity. Instead of another twilight romance, Blood is a story with a quest and purpose, something that is very attractive to readers.

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