Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.

Reader: Emily
Age: 17
Title: Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.
Author: Medeia Sharif
Publisher: Flux
Pub Date: 07/08/2011
Galley: Yes
Nominate for Teens’ Top 10: Yes
Recommend: Yes
Convince us to read the book: Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. is a intriguing novel about a girl named Almira who is trying to fit in, while being the only Muslim-American. Almira has her friends, but finds life difficult when everyone notices her attractive mom and ignores Almira. When a hot new guy transfers into her school, Almira sees a chance to be noticed, if only another girl, Shakira, who happens to be Muslim as well, wasn't in her way. Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. is a novel you will surely enjoy and smile at.
Compelling Aspect of the Book: I enjoyed how the main character is Muslim. A lot of teenage books are about a wanna-be musician, or a teen angst, but very few novels are written about Muslim teenagers. This difference makes an interesting read.
Were you disappointed with the book at all: No
Cover: The cover is very light-hearted and fits the story well. The only issue is why does the guy on the cover look like he's in college? No high school guy looks like that. They're all younger. Finding a younger guy who fits the age would be desirable. Also, that cupcake is very attractive in a food-y way.
Age Range: 12-17
Quality: 5Q Hard to imagine a better book
Popularity: 5P Everyone wants to read it

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