Tomboy - YA Review by Grace KL

Reader: Grace KL
Age: 15
Title: Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir
Author: Liz Prince
Publisher: Zest Books
Pub Date: 09/02/14
Galley: No
Top 25: No
Convince us to read the book: This graphic novel felt very authentic and real, as it should of course, being a memoir.  As it portrayed Liz's childhood, it showed her growing into her identity, so the character development was very strong here.  I also enjoyed how the author balanced showing her feelings at the time, communicated through dialogue in the scenes, with how she feels later, shown in the captions.
Memorable or Forgettable: A memorable quality of this book for me was the way the book focused on a large chunk of Liz's life.  It was fun to watch her confidence regarding her identity grow and grow, especially towards the end of the book.  It would have been easy to make this book solely focused on gender identity, but it chronicles other aspects of Liz's life as well, which made for a satisfying read.
Cover: The cover very accurately reflects the book.  The face on the cover shows the sort of unamused expression that readers will become familiar with throughout the book.  However, the words "graphic memoir" were really what tempted me to pick up the book.
Age Range: 14 through 18 and up
Quality: 4Q Better than most
Popularity: 4P Broad general teen appeal

tags: graphic novel / graphic memoir / gender identity / ya lit

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