Don't Look Back - YA Review by Tara L

Reader: Tara L.
Age: 14
Title: Don't Look Back
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publisher: Hyperion
Pub Date: 04/15/14
Galley: Yes
Top 25: Yes
Convince us to read the book: I liked the way she kept changing and hating the person she was before.
Memorable or Forgettable: The qualities of the book made it memorable because of the way the author wrote the book.
Cover: The cover did tempt me to pick it up and yes, it did reflect the contents.
Age Range: 12 through 17
Quality: 4Q Better than most
Popularity: 4P Broad general teen appeal
AnnotationSamantha lost part of her memory. The doctors say it's most likely because of her traumatic experience or stress related. They all say her best friend was with her, but no one has found her yet. Samantha was missing for four day until she woke up and had no idea who she was.

tags:  psychological thriller / suspense / mystery / amnesia / ya lit

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