The Children of the King - YA Review by Grace KL

Reader: Grace K.L.
Age: 15
Title: The Children of the King
Author: Sonya Hartnett
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Pub Date: 03/25/2014
Galley: Yes
Top 25: No
Convince us to read the book: This book takes place in Britain during World War II, and does an overall good job of capturing the atmosphere of the War.  I felt disconnected to the protagonist, Cecily, who seemed terribly naive and foolish.  This could have worked; however, the third person narrative voice seemed rather high and mighty about Cecily's behavior.  Cecily's brother, Jem, however, was a wonderful character.  I identified with him, and though his actions were not excusable, they were understandable.
Memorable or Forgettable: I feel that I might not remember the plot of this book for very long, but if anything is going to stick with me, it is the character of Jem, for the reasons listed above.
Cover: When I picked up this book it did not yet have a cover.  After viewing the cover online I will say that it accurately reflected the contents if the book.
Age Range: Under 12 through 13
Quality: 2Q Needs more work
Popularity: 2P Only for special interest
Additional Comments: It appears that this is being marketed as middle grade.  I do not agree with this.  Though it is about children, I would say that the style of narration is more suitable for upper grades.

tags:  historical fiction / World War II / ya lit

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