Nil - YA Review by Simon DS

Reader: Simon DS
Age: 13
Title: Nil
Author: Lynne Matson
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
Pub Date: 03/04/14
Galley: Yes
Top 25: Yes
Convince us to read the book: This book had kind of stereotypical survival cast, which was okay, but I felt like the characters weren't real. The plot was well done, with good pacing and a nice romance thrown into the mix, and portrayed time running out very well.
Memorable or Forgettable:  I will remember this book for the concept, because it was kind of a peaceful Hunger Games, if that makes any sense. There was the group of teens isolated, all trying to get off of the island. They have an order to their society however, with designated jobs and houses. I also liked the mixed reactions of new kids landing on the island. They ranged from super helpful to stir crazy.
Cover:  I liked the crowd of teens on a desert island, and the title also made me pick it up. Nil. That sounded so final and dramatic, I had to pick it up.
Age Range: 12 through 17
Quality: 3Q Readable
Popularity: 4P Broad general teen appeal
Annotation:  Charlie wakes up on a desert island with no memory of how she got there. As she explores the island, she meets a band of other teenagers also stranded on Nil. With them she finds her place and learns to survive on the island of Nil. After all, no one lasts more than 365 days on Nil...

tags:  dystopian romance / science fiction / adventure / survival / ya lit

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