Reader: Sophie D.
Age: 16
Title: Various Positions
Author: Martha Schabas
Publisher: Frances Foster Books
Pub Date: 2/14/2012
Galley: No
Top 25: No
Convince us to read the book: It is very rare that a book manages to turn me off within the first few pages, but this one managed just that. The descriptions in just the first scene were so heavy handed and over the top that it was completely unrealistic and hard to read. It only got worse as Georgia, the main character, proved to be naive practically to the point of stupidity. While I do think the author wanted her voice to be honest and confiding, it got to the point that the things she were saying were not only creepy, but not the kind of things that actually go through people's heads. I believe the intention was to be able to practically hear Georgia's thoughts, but no one actually thinks like that.
Memorable or Forgettable: I could not get past the main character. Not only were her thoughts unrealistic, but her whole world was in her head. She was completely oblivious to the world outside of her fantasy. She is not even able to recognize the extremely obvious fact that her father is having an affair, and she think that by talking a friend of hers into anorexia she is doing her a favor. Granted, she does have a very troubled family life, but she also has a strong support system with her sister and friends, and there are no rational explanations for her behavior, or her complete inability to recognize and comprehend what is going on around her.
Additional Comments: The author was trying to realistically portray what goes on at a competetive dance school, and however creepy and unhealthy the atmosphere is, I think the number of thirteen year olds trying to seduce their much older teachers is pretty low. On the whole, I think the book was extremely unrealistic in respect to the character and the situations she was put into.

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