COVER PROJECT: The Absolute Value of -1

We are so grateful to Carolrhoda Books for including us in developing ideas for the cover of their upcoming release, The Absolute Value of -1, by Steve Brezenoff, There is nothing us TKBs like more than sharing our opinions with anyone who will listen. ;) What an exciting opportunity it is to be involved in a part of the actual publishing process!

First we got to meet the author, Steve Brezenoff, editor, Andrew Karre, and publicist, Elizabeth Dignmann at our August meeting—how cool is that? They graciously distributed fresh-off-the copier manuscripts, which we anxiously took home and poured over. Once we all got a chance to read it, we began brainstorming cover ideas, sketching, scrounging up random images on the interwebs, and discussing these on our top secret blog. Then we met in October to look at and discuss some rough cover mock-ups, and again in November to share our reactions to a couple more narrowed-down covers.

The whole process was fun! We loved Brezenoff’s book (especially the controversial twist :0) and enjoyed the company of Steve, Andrew, Elizabeth, and all their friends at our meetings!

We can’t wait to see The Absolute Value of -1 in print!!

Two TKBs, Andrew, Elizabeth, and Steve.
Just got our manuscripts!
Andrew Karre
Photos by Elizabeth Hudman

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