April update

It's been a while since our last update.

As many of you know there were some shocking results for the top ten nominees such as various incarnations of "Twilight" and its many imitators. Hopefully some of the more original titles have a good shot at winning this year. Thanks to all of you for your nominations and continued passion for quality literature. It's safe to say you guys are way ahead of many adults when it comes to thinking about literature, keep it up!

And speaking of quality literature, many of you have commented on the trailer for "Perfect Chemistry." We watched it twice in class, and now you can view it here:
http://www.simoneelkeles.net/ apparently it has done its job as some of you have read it based on the trailer, I myself will read it as soon as I am able. Still no word on the cheerleader's belly button or lack thereof.

Be sure to send in names for the craptacular and spectacular lists!

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